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Sen. Roy Blunt Promotes Year-round Pell Grants During OTC Visit

Sen. Roy Blunt promotes year-round Pell Grants during OTC visit

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt stopped by OTC today with an important message for college students: Use year-round Pell to complete your degree in less time and with less debt.

Funding for year-round federal Pell Grants was restored by Congress in May 2017. Many Missouri colleges including OTC will offer Pell funding for summer courses for the first time this year.

Approximately one in three Missouri College students receives Pell funds. At OTC, more than 40 percent of students take advantage of Pell Grants annually.

Blunt led a roundtable discussion with officials and students from OTC, Missouri State and Evangel University. OTC Chancellor Hal Higdon thanked the senator for his efforts to restore year-round Pell.

“This is a huge benefit to both our students and the economic development of the region,” Dr. Higdon said. “By restoring year-round Pell, the college can now increase its technical and allied health course offerings over the summer to more quickly prepare our students for the high-demand jobs that await them at graduation.”

Blunt estimates that approximately 20,000 students in Missouri will take advantage of year-round Pell this summer.

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