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The Ozarks Technical Community College wordmark is the standardized graphic representation of the college and must appear on all publications, websites and other visual communications developed for OTC external audiences.

Wordmark downloads are available for use in marketing and informational material. Others wishing to use the college wordmark must seek approval from the Communications and Marketing department. To request approval, contact

Under no circumstances should the wordmark be altered or distorted. These standards govern all print and electronic wordmark uses. Violations will be addressed by the Communications and Marketing Department.

  • The preferred format of the OTC wordmark appears in two lines. A second option is available as a single-line wordmark for cases where there are space restraints.
  • Display the wordmark only in OTC blue (Pantone 295), black or white.
  • Use only approved, unaltered versions of the wordmark. Downloads below.
  • Do not recreate the wordmark.
  • Do not use the OTC wordmark within text.
  • Do not combine with any other graphic elements.
  • Do not alter the OTC wordmark except to enlarge or reduce proportionally.
  • The wordmark may be used on promotional items with prior approval from the Communications and Marketing department.


Use of the college wordmark on a promotional item of any type requires prior approval from the Communications and Marketing department. To request approval, contact


We have one brand: Ozarks Technical Community College. For a unified visual identity, materials representing any facet of OTC should be branded as such. The college wordmark is the official logo and the umbrella identity covering the entire college system. When choosing how to brand your material, this is always the correct choice.

Recognizing the interest of departments and programs across the system being able to emphasize their area of focus, the college has implemented a brand architecture system. Programs, departments and administrative offices may request a standardized department/program wordmark to brand their marketing and informational pieces. To request this graphic, contact

See examples below.

Department Example 1

Department Example 2

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