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OTC Eagles Logo Graphic Standards

The OTC Eagle logo represents Ozarks Technical Community College’s student life and is intended to create college spirit, engage the student community and expand the college brand. It has a limited role in non-student life applications and is not appropriate for official college communications or academic/program use.

All uses of the Eagle logo must receive prior approval from the Communications and Marketing Department.

The OTC Eagle logo graphic standards in this document have been created to establish a strong and consistent identity for Ozarks Technical Community College and the Eagle brand. Only approved variations of the logos may be used. Under no circumstances should the logo be altered or distorted. These standards govern all print and electronic logo uses. Violations will be addressed by the Communications and Marketing Department.

  • The OTC Eagle logo may be used individually as the eagle head, or in conjunction with a standard OTC Eagles lettering as a unit. When used individually, ensure the audience has high awareness of the master brand foremost.
    • Example 1:
    • Example 2:Eagle Example 2
  • The full-color logo with OTC Eagles is the preferred logo and should be used whenever possible on digital and printed materials.
    • Example 3:Eagle Example 3
  • Alternative logos are available for applications that require limited colors (black/white, three-color, two-color logos) and should only be used when the full-color logo is not an option.
    • Example 4: Black and white, three color, two color.Eagle Example 4
  • A one-color logo is acceptable for print applications as well as merchandise/apparel in instances where more colors is not possible.
    • Example 5:Eagle Example 5 
  • Do not modify or manipulate the OTC Eagle logo in any way. This includes: Do not combine the Eagle logo with the official OTC logo, college wordmark or academic seal.
    • Example 6: OTC + Eagle headBad Eagle Example 6
    • Example 7: Wordmark + Eagle headBad Eagle Example 7
    • Example 8: Seal + Eagle head
  • Do not combine the Eagle logo with the name of any department, office or club.
    • Example 9: Program + Eagle headBad Eagle Example 9
  • Do not change the color(s) or texture(s).
  • Do not place other graphics on or close to the logo. Do not add a hat, clothing, etc.
  • Do not reverse the direction of the eagle. The head should always face left.
    • Example 10:Bad Eagle Example 10
  • Do not distort the proportion of the logo.
    • Example 11:Bad Eagle Example 11
  • Do not recreate the logo.
  • Do not use a substitution for the OTC Eagle.
    • Example 12:Bad Eagle Example 12
  • Do not use a scan of the Eagle logo or allow poor quality reproductions.
  • Do not place the Eagle logo on an overly busy background or over text.
  • Student life related activities, communications and documents. It is a great fit for student events, informal giveaways that are targeted to students and social media.
  • Use of the logo is acceptable for branded clothing and merchandise.
  • Use of the logo is acceptable for signage in student areas.
  • Use of the logo is acceptable for student affairs and advancement print publications and websites.
  • Use of the logo is acceptable for official college social media pages.
  • The Eagle logo is not a substitute for OTC’s official wordmark and should not be used in place of the college’s wordmark.
  • Do not use for academic or administrative purposes, communications, websites or publications.
  • Do not use on giveaway items that would be used in a professional or business setting.
  • Do not use in email signatures, stationery, letterhead or business cards.
  • Do not use in course materials or Canvas sites.
  • Departments and organizations throughout the college may wish to use the Eagle logo. These applications are to be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Communications and Marketing Department.
  • When in doubt, consult with the Communications and Marketing Department for advice on the proper logo to use for a specific application.
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