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Students flock to OTC’s weekend engine class

Ozarks Technical Community College continues to use flexible course scheduling to meet the demands of its student population.

In addition to the “night-owl” classes started this semester, which are a big hit, a new Friday night-Saturday morning course in engine repair is proving popular, too.

“We are trying to offer more sections of courses at various ‘off’ times. The engine repair course is one more example,” said Layton Childress, dean of technical education.

In addition to offering several sections of the two-part engine course from 6-8:50 p.m. on Fridays and from 9 a.m. – noon on Saturdays, the course is expected to be offered from 5-7:50 a.m. in the fall, along with two more sections of the Friday night-Saturday morning class.

“All of these different offerings are simply an attempt by the transportation department to meet the needs of the students,” Childress said.

Kerry Wrinkle, chair of the transportation department, said the engine course is popular because of the time it’s offered and for the sudden interest he’s seen in engine repair.

 “It’s an opportunity for people to come and take something they haven’t taken before. It’s an opportunity for people to see if this is something they want to go into for a career,” Wrinkle said.

 In the class, students disassemble engines donated to the school by General Motors and identify the various parts and learn what the parts do. The class does not include learning about the on-board computer that regulates most of the engines functions.

 The overall Automotive Technology program is one of the 10 most popular programs offered at OTC and Wrinkle said he has seen resurgence in the popularity of car repair among younger students.

 “The role of the technician has changed with the addition of the computer in the car. Retirees are being replaced by kids who have worked on computers,” Wrinkle said.

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