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Sisters heading for healthcare careers

A lot of times twins will go their separate ways when it comes to picking a career.

But twins Allison and Alissa Rowden and even older sister Amanda of Strafford are studying healthcare in the Health Science Program offered to junior and senior high-school students at OTC.

“It was just something we all wanted to do when we got older,” said big sister Amanda, 17.

Remarkably, all of them decided their career choice on their own with little discussion among them and each told their mother separately.

“After we told her, we realized we were all going to do it,” Allison, 16, said.

Faith Mann, the health science instructor at OTC, said the program the sisters are enrolled in offers high-school students a chance to prepare for the college portion of the instruction.

“This program is a great opportunity for those high school students that are interested in health care professions.  We are proud of our students and are happy to assist in them in any way possible,” Mann said.

“It gives students the ability to make decisions about their future in the healthcare industry while receiving high-school and college credit.”

Students in the program can earn up to 35 hours of college credit in a variety of healthcare topics including medical terminology, health science and health nutrition.

Amanda, along Allison and Alissa, who were born a minute apart, are considering different types of healthcare careers.

Alissa is looking at physical therapy while twin Allison is looking at dental hygiene. Amanda is considering becoming an oncology nurse.

Alissa is looking at the physical therapist career because of the care she received when she hit her back recently.

“Everyone was super nice and they explained everything to me and what I needed to do,” she said.

All three play basketball at Strafford and the twins said they get along most of the time, especially when its time to study. They have a habit of responding to a question at the same time with the same answer.

After finishing their studies at OTC, they will be heading off to different colleges, including OTC, to continue their studies.

“Weve enjoyed it here. We’ve had a good time,” Amanda said. “Its going to be hard to go off to college. I havent been away from them.”


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