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Robberson Students Explore Technical Careers At OTC

Robberson students explore technical careers at OTC

More than 200 Robberson Elementary students spent the day with some of OTC’s technical education instructors as part of the school’s “What I want to be when I graduate high school” intersession field trip.

Kids from kindergarten through fifth grade came to the Springfield campus and took part in hands-on demonstrations involving robots, landscaping, musical instruments, high-tech mannequins, green screens, automobile engines and more.

Jennifer Martin, a computer instructor at Robberson Elementary, said kindergarten students are already learning computer coding at their young age.

“What better place to come to learn about various careers than OTC?” she said. “They are excited about being able to come. I tailored my lesson plans toward coming here. I also talked to them about the A+ Scholarship program.”

The students were divided into groups and visited each of the technical education locations to see and learn about different careers.

“I like playing with the robots,” said Olivia, 6. “I want to be an artist when I grow up. I’m going to draw one of these robots.”

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