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OTC to present “Arthur’s Stone, Merlin’s Fire”

Winter remains the current season, but spring is on the minds of some at Ozarks Technical Community College.

Rehearsals have begun for the third Spring Play to be presented by the OTC Fine Arts Department.

 “Arthur’s Stone, Merlin’s Fire,” will be performed April 30-May 2 at the Gillioz Theater. The cast is made up entirely of OTC students, faculty and family members of OTC employees.

The play is about young Arthur, who is surrounded by political strife, wars against foreign invaders and civil unrest. After pulling a mystical sword from a stone and declared emperor of Britain, the young king struggles to decide his fate as forces of good and evil attempt to influence him.

Set in the dark ages, playwright Kathryn Petersen delivers a fresh look at the “sword in the stone” myth, combining all the best elements of 1,500 years of the Arthurian legend — from fantastic sword fighting to magic to an enchanted forest.

“Petersen delivers a play that is much truer to history, but sprinkles in enough magical wonder and fun to keep the attention of children as well as adults. She introduces a young King Arthur who’s character and relationships might remind one of Harry Potter,’ said Jon Herbert, the play’s director.

“The play is a drama that contains a wonderful balance of action, humor, magic and mystery. It is an uplifting heroic drama that is fun, exciting, and inspiring.”

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