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OTC SPOTLIGHT: Anita Kelleybrew

By Steve Koehler

January 30 was a devastating day for Anita Kelleybrew. It was the day she lost her job of 12 years at Positronic Industries.

But that day is in the past and the 41-year-old Kelleybrew is now looking ahead to a job in health information technology after she completes her studies at OTC.

Kelleybrew had been a student at OTC before, studying drafting when she was working at Positronic. When she was let go by the company, she tried to find another job in manufacturing after working for Zenith and General Electric before Positronic.

But it wasn’t until she talked to with OTC officials at the Missouri Career Center that she decided to look into a new career in healthcare.

“We started talking about maybe going back to school and changing careers. I was interested in health information technology,” she said.

Kelleybrew has started her studies that will take another year or more to complete. She is taking classes three days a week and using the College’s tutoring facilities two days a week. She spends more than 40 hours a week on campus.

The Springfield woman isn’t sure what she would be doing if she hadn’t come to OTC.

“I’d still be looking for a job but at OTC I’ve been given an opportunity to pick a career,” she said.

OTC office at the Missouri Career Center

Bruce Clemens is OTC’s workforce liaison who staffs the office at the Missouri Career Center. He meets with clients to discuss training and education options. Short-term training and degree programs are identified for client to put in a position that offers viable employment opportunities.

The typical client Clemens sees is a more non-traditional student between the ages of 35 and 60 with a 10- to 20-year work history at one, or at most, a few employers. The client needs basic computer literacy skills and is apprehensive about returning to school.




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