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OTC prepares to combat H1N1 flu

By Steve Koehler

Ozarks Technical Community College is making preparations to insure that proper measures are in place to combat the oncoming onset of H1N1 flu.

College-aged students are one of the age groups likely to be hit hardest by the disease, experts said.

“We are attempting to communicate vital information about the strain to the student body. We realize that a high percentage of students see themselves as bulletproof. We are going to stress the importance of the immunization,” said Dr. Jim Blaine, who operates OTC’s Health and Wellness Center.

Staff and administration officials have held a number of meetings to discuss everything from an extensive prevention information campaign to the actual distribution of the vaccine.

Prevention signs have already gone up on all the campuses and education centers to remind people that some of the simplest acts can improve one’s chances of not getting or spreading the disease:

•Wash your hands after using the bathroom

•Sneeze into the bend of your elbow.

•Cover your hand when you cough and then immediately wash your hands.

•Avoid hand-to-hand contact when possible.

Everything from computer keyboards to the vending machine buttons are being cleaned thoroughly to avoid the spread of the disease through touching.

Students are also urged to stay home if they are sick or show symptoms.

Initially, a small allotment of N1N1 flu vaccine shots are expected to arrive on campus next month to give to the College’s faculty, staff and students. More shots are expected to be available. A detailed distribution procedure is still being formulated.

“Hopefully, we will be able to persuade them to pre-register for the H1N1 flu shots and accept them as soon as they are available,” Blaine said.

Steve Koehler is coordinator of publications at Ozarks Technical Community College. 







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