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OTC couple dedicate themselves to honor society

Jo Fritts and her husband, Steve, both instructors at OTC, have been associated with the college’s Alpha Psi Tau chapter of Phi Theta Kappa chapter for so long that its hard to remember when they werent involved in some way with the honors society.

And their work continues to increase and produce great dividends for the college and the society’s members.

Earlier this year, Jo was named as one of the societys Faculty Scholars, and last spring, she was designated the regional coordinator for PTK. Steve was named the associate coordinator.

“We are now advisors for the Missouri region for all 26 chapters in the area. We are the contact people and we handle all the issues, problems and questions anyone has. We also plan the regional conference and events,” she said.

PTK is the only honors society for community college students and requires a 3.50 grade point average with 12 credit hours of work.

Jo was first involved in PTK as a student when she attended Johnson County Community College in 1990. When she came to OTC in 1997, she was asked if she would be interested in helping form a chapter at the college.

“Steve just came a long and got involved with me,” she said.

Steve downplays his role when he first started assisting his wife.

“At the time, I was working as an adjunct at OTC, and since Jo and I do everything together, it was natural for me to assist. I became known as the punch boy for my punch making skills at inductions,” he said.

Jos work has earned the college chapter dozens of prestigious awards including most distinguished chapter in Missouri four years straight and the distinguished college president award given to OTC Chancellor Dr. Hal L. Higdon.

“Jo took over the Alpha Psi Tau chapter at a time when it was losing its charter due to inactivity.We have grown to be the largest chapter in Missouri under Jos leadership,” Steve said.

Jo said she is pushing to improve the region because Missouri is the state where PTK originated in 1918 at Stephens College.

“I am trying to build the pride in PTK back in Missouri. We should be the top region. Right now were not, so we need to get that pride back and we will,” she said.




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