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OTC Aviation Program Flight Partner Earns Highest School Status

OTC Aviation Program flight partner earns highest school status

After less than a year of operation, the Aviation Program flight partner at Ozarks Technical Community College has earned Part 141 status from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Part 141 flight training schools are subject to more stringent auditing, accountability and curriculum approval than Part 61 flight training schools. Part 141 and Part 61 refer to the sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations by which flight schools operate.

“This certification is a fantastic benefit to OTC students,” said Dr. Matt Hudson, OTC dean of technical education. “The Part 141 designation will allow students to qualify for pilot certification in far less time than Part 61 schools.”

By earning Part 141 status, students can earn their commercial pilot license with just 190 hours of flight time versus 250 under Part 61. That reduction in required flight time will result in a savings of more than $12,000 for commercial pilot students.

Graduates of the OTC Aviation Program are licensed commercial pilots. An Airline Transport Pilot licensure requires a bachelor’s degree and additional flight time.

OTC operates its commercial pilot training program in cooperation with Premier Flight Center LLC at the former Springfield-Branson National Airport on the west side of Springfield. OTC offers ground school and general education courses to students in the Aviation Program at the OTC Springfield Campus. Premier Flight Center LLC teaches the flight training classes.

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