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OTC app allows for increased mobile functionality

What do OTC, Instagram and Pandora all have in common? They all have apps that can be downloaded for free in Apples App Store or in Google Play. The new OTC app allows students to connect with the college from a mobile device with optimized functionality.

“We noticed an increase in mobile users over the last five years,” said George Lamelza, OTC’s college director of web services. “Nearly a third of users access from a mobile device and, with more than 2 million page views per month, it made sense to create an app to give quicker access to the parts of the website that students use the most, which is the schedule.”

Besides the mobile functionality, the app will allow OTC to communicate with its students through push notifications about need-to-know information, such as: class registration dates, financial aid deadlines and campus closures. In addition to the schedule and communications functions, students can also use the apps built-in parking marker to help them remember where they parked, the QR code reader and connections to the colleges social media outlets.

The new OTC app is the third way students can engage with the college via a mobile device. The website is entirely mobile-friendly, and the OTC Blackboard app allows students to access their courses through Blackboards classroom management software.

The OTC app is available for iPhones and Android phones.


Mark Miller

College Director of Communication

Phone: 417.447.2655


Laura French

Coordinator of Public Information

Phone: 417.447.2659


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