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Oh SNAP! It’s Finals Week.

Oh SNAP! It’s finals week.

Need a distraction from finals week? Take a break from your last-minute study sessions and head over to Snapchat for our Finals Week Challenge.

We’ve placed a special filter at each of our campuses and centers Monday, Dec. 12 through Friday, Dec. 16. Use the filter to let us know how you’re coping with exams — there’s a chance you could win some pretty cool prizes from OTC’s Communications and Marketing department.

Want to play? Here are the rules:

  1. Follow OTC on Snapchat (see our Snapcode above).
  2. Snap a finals-week selfie or take a picture of your finals-week cramming essentials: coffee, flashcards, study buddies, highlighters, etc. (The more creative, the better!)
  3. Swipe, find and use the OTC Finals Week filter.
  4. Post the snap to your story and send it directly to OTC, too (that’s important).
  5. Wait for a reply from OTC. If you get a reply, you’ve won. (Yay!)

And that’s it. Now, go and crush those final exams with renewed confidence — you’ve got this.

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