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English Students To Produce Book Of Works By Peers And Alumni

English students to produce book of works by peers and alumni

At the end of the spring semester, OTC graduates will have a new degree or certificate to add to their resumes. But, a select few will have something else to add, the title “published author.” Instructor Jane Cowden’s ENG 195 students are producing the third edition of “Go Anywhere Magazine,” a popular anthology of writing and art by OTC students and alumni.

The term “magazine” is a bit misleading, as each publication is actually a book with more than 100 pages of content, published by and available on Amazon. Each edition features a collection of short stories and musings, literary analysis, poems, photography and artwork.

In 2016, Cowden and English Department Chair Richard Turner were brainstorming ideas for how they could get students involved in a more engaging learning experience. The idea for an annual magazine was born and quickly adopted by the English Club. This year, an entire course is dedicated to the 2019 edition.

“It’s so nice for students to see their work as a product and not just a grade. I love that they will have a piece of work that has a legacy and a value beyond one grade in one class,” says Cowden.

The twelve students in the course worked together to identify a theme that will unify all of the content: Gardens: Order, Chaos. Students are soliciting works that are related to the concept of the plant life cycle.

Currently, there is an open call for submissions that fit this theme until March 1. Individuals can submit up to three unique items for consideration or send inquires to After the submission period closes, the students will select about 30 works for publication.

In May, the ENG 195 students, along with Cowden and Turner, will hold a party to celebrate the book’s release to the public. At that time, “Go Anywhere Magazine 2019” will be available for purchase.

But these students aren’t stopping there.

Many community colleges produce literary magazines and often enter them in regional and national competitions. OTC students are confident that their publication will be among the best and worthy of winning recognition. They intend to enter “Go Anywhere Magazine 2019” in several reputable contests, and expect to add another accolade to their resumes.

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