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Cutting-edge software brought to OTC classroom

By Steve Koehler

Ozarks Technical Community College will become the first college in the country to offer training in a new cutting-edge security software program.

Russell Campbell, lead instructor for CompTIA A+ Certification Training at OTC, said the College’s network technology program will soon offer classes in the installation and configuration of FastAccess, a powerful biometric facial recognition software program developed by Sensible Vision of Covert, Mich.

The company said the College is the first academic institution in the country to use the software as an instruction tool for training.

“We are leading the way in introducing technology into the classroom and networking training. We are continually striving to offer the latest in hardware and software combining it with the best training available. Yet, the training and equipment is offered at the lowest cost per credit hour of any school in the area,” Campbell said.

The software uses facial recognition instead of forcing users to constantly type their account information at the logon screen. With the program, users simply access the computer and FastAccess will authenticate them and log them on in less than two seconds.

Once they leave the computer will lock. FastAccess will automatically unlock the computer when they come back and return the desktop as they left it. If another authorized user steps up to the computer, FastAccess can switch accounts for the new user.

The software has the ability to learn and adapt to a user’s facial changes including beard growth and hairstyle changes. In some cases, in if a user wears glasses one day and contacts the next, it may ask the user for a password if the face isn’t recognized.

Facial-recognition software is used in the medical and financial fields where access to records and sensitive material has to be secure. Government agencies like the FBI and CIA also use similar software.

Students will learn how to setup the software and test its functionality, Campbell said.

Campbell said the software training will be a boost for network technology students.

“This training puts our students ahead of most of the people they will be competing with for employment. Our passing rate for certification proves the quality of the training and students. Many of our students are employed around the community and here at OTC. Security is a big area of study now,” he said

Steve Koehler is coordinator of publications at Ozarks Technical Community College.



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