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Arthur, Merlin at the heart of OTC Spring Play

Ozarks Technical Community College’s Theater Department will turn the clock back 1,500 years with its spring play production of  “Arthur’s Stone, Merlin’s Fire: The Making of a King.”

The play opens tonight at 7:30 at the Gillioz Theater with other performances at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $10 and available at the Gillioz box office.

The play, set in 500 A.D., has more of everything compared to past OTC productions, from the largest cast to more stage area that will extend out from the existing stage towards the audience.

It’s also been more of a challenge for Jon Herbert, the play’s director and OTC theater instructor.

“It has 23 cast members, all from OTC or family members of OTC folks. We have a great cast and it’s a fun challenge to meet all of the demands this play presents us,” he said.

The play is an exciting and inspiring drama about what happens when young Arthur, who has never fought in a battle, pulls a mystical sword from a stone and is declared emperor of Britain. The play examines the struggles Arthur faces as he confronts good and evil forces that try to influence him.

The play is set in the rustic and gritty dark ages and is filled with magic, mysticism and enchanted forests. The play is appropriate for all ages.

Key components of the play are the action scenes, complete with spectacular sword fights and hand-to-hand combat. The cast has been working on refining the choreography for months. The cast will wear authentic period costumes.

  “I love the story of King Arthur. It resonated with me. This play doesn’t deal with the whole story. It has to do with just the first part of legend and Arthur’s decision to accept his destiny,” Herbert said.

Herbert said there is a lot of the Harry Potter character in Arthur and it should resonate with modern audiences, including those who are younger.

“It’s classic mythology. The playwright, Kathryn Petersen, delivers a fresh look at the ‘sword in the stone’ myth,” Herbert said.

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