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Additional courses in Lebanon aimed at workforce

By Steve Koehler

Additional noncredit courses and workshops, some aimed to help those looking to rejoin the workforce, will be offered this fall at Ozarks Technical Community College’s Lebanon education center.

The expansion of courses and workshops comes at the request of residents in the outlying areas.

“Because of the job displacement situation, the Missouri Career Centers have asked us for several programs in various areas,” said Dana Thorp Patterson, Director of OTC’s Continuing Education Center.

In response to the requests, a basic “new user” series of computer classes is being offered, which provides a complete certificate program for individuals who need to learn everything from basics of keyboarding to using various applications and tools including email, using the Internet and even managing e-files.

 “The program is scheduled so that someone with limited time and limited knowledge can take the series and earn a certificate. We are even offering free books to everyone signing up for the series. If an individual is not interested in the certificate, the person can still take any class individually as needed,” Patterson said.

Healthcare courses will also be offered for those looking to enter the workforce quickly.

“We are offering, for the first time, our Certified Nurse Assistant training program in the Lebanon area. The program is a model from our state-approved existing program here in Springfield. Healthcare jobs are readily available and we’ve learned from the various healthcare centers in our region that CNAs are needed,” Patterson said.

The certification course is open to individuals who are already on board at facilities in Lebanon but the offerings are expected to be expanded in the future to include a comprehensive program for individuals seeing jobs and wishing to gain their credential to improve their chances of being hired.

Patterson said Beginning Spanish continues to be requested in all communities and by offering a five-week program, individuals have an opportunity to try the course and continue on as additional workshops are offered to build on their skills.

For more information about any of these classes, or to sign up, call the Lebanon Center at (417) 532-5044  – or the Continuing Ed Center in Springfield at (417) 447-8888. A complete listing of courses (with dates/times/fees) can be viewed on the OTC website at <> .

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